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RWC1000K Real World Certifier Byte Brothers Triplett BRAND NEW

RWC1000K Real World Certifier Byte Brothers Triplett BRAND NEW
RWC1000K Real World Certifier Byte Brothers Triplett BRAND NEW

RWC1000K Real World Certifier Byte Brothers Triplett BRAND NEW

RWC1000K Real World Certifier - Byte Brothers Triplett BRAND NEW. The Byte Brothers RWC1000K is a network and cable tester that spots slow cables, bad connectors, incorrect wiring, and other communication issues from hubs, switches, and PCs.

The tester also tests hubs, switches and PC capabilities and signal levels for inline "negotiated" speeds. The perfect option for LAN managers and network cable installers, the RWC1000K is compatible with all 10MB, 100MB, and Gigabit networks. The Byte Brothers RWC1000K can perform a myriad of cable and network tests needed to sustain a properly functioning network, while producing easy-to-read screens and reports. Detecting worn connectors, faulty terminations, noisy cables, and a host of other potential network issues, are just a few button presses away. The RWC1000K is the perfect tester for both LAN devices and UTP Cables. It also performs testing for coax cables and aTone Generator/Probe is included. Is your toolbox full of expensive tester? Then you may ask: Why do I need a RWC100K Real World Certifier? Your current testers cant tell you how fast the cable is capable of operating.

The Real World Certifier tells you not only if your cable is wired correctly, but the speed at which your cable is capable of operating! RWCs test for shorts, opens, length, map and cable quality as required by IEEE/ISO/IEC 802.3 standards. Measures cable propagation delay and skew in nano-seconds. Propagation delay is the time it takes for a data signal to travel the length of the cable.

Skew is the difference in delay between pairs. A small skew insures that data, on each pair, will arrive at the receiver at about the same time. A large skew reading errors.

RWCs meet IEEE/ISO/IEC 802.3 delay and skew specifications. The RWC1000K tests digital Near End Cross Talk (NEXT) by sending high-speed-digital signals on each pair and reading the response on other pairs. RWCs display NEXT as Pass/Fail for 10 meg, 100 meg or gigabit data rates.

Headroom or margin is graphically displayed for each speed. If a cable fault causes a NEXT failure, the distance to that fault (such as split pair) is displayed.

This helps cable installers and network mangers locate repairable cable legs. High-speed digital test circuits run for many hours on a common low cost nine-volt battery.

Tests digital FAR End Cross Talk(FEXT) by bouncing digital signals off the far end of the cable and measuring the response on each pair. RWCs display FEXT as Pass/Fail for 10 meg, 100 meg and gigabit data rates.

The RWC graphically displays headroom or margin at each data speed. The RWC displays distance to faults that cause FEXT failures. Distance to fault (such as split pair) helps cable installers and network mangers locate and repair faulty cable legs. Measures cable losses with real data from hubs/switches/PCs. Uses inexpensive hubs/switches/PCs to provide signals to measure cables signal losses.

The RWC1000K plugs on one end of the cable, the hub/switch/PC plugs on to the other end. The RWC receives and measures real data signal levels. Reads and graphically displays real data signal levels on all four pairs.

The graphs show minimum acceptable levels, of the data, after cable losses. RWC Level 2 combines real data level measurements with delay, skew, digital NEXT/ FEXT and map measurements from the Level 1 tests to Real World Certify the cables speed as 10 meg, 100 meg or 1 giga-bit.

All of these measurements are also used to compute, the cables graphically displayed margin or headroom. Tests for 10 meg, 100 meg and gigabit data rates and full or half duplex.

Measure data signal levels on up to four pairs. Data levels are displayed graphically in percent of maximum. RWC1000K locate split pairs on installed cables without disconnecting or de-powering the remote network port. This helps cable installers and network manager find cable faults without having to take down a network.

RWCs display 10 meg, 100 meg and gigabit data rates and full or half duplex of both inline ports. RWCs display negotiated data rates and duplexes. The user is alerted, if the two ports have non-compatible data rates or duplexes. This helps system installers and networks managers locate data-rate bottle-necks and non-functioning network legs. RWCs help installers and network mangers locate the far end of a cable by sending audio tones or beacon signals on the cable.

Stores 250 tests for later printing. Cable category CAT 3, 5, 5E, 6. Data levels of real live data (from any device). Real world certify network cable for 10MB, 100M or gigabit capability.

Test existing cables for higher speed compatibility. Detect worn connectors and faulty terminations.

Spot faulty wiring jumpers from your office wall outlet. Identify excessively noisy cables and worn connectors. Decode 10/100/gigabit PCs, switches and hubs for advertised capability. Go "inline" between two LAN devices and identify the negotiated speed.

Test 10/100/gigabit PCs, switches and hubs for data signal levels. Identify network bottlenecks cause by slow running links. Length (real TDR) propagation delay and skew. Ideal for both LAN managers and cable installers. The item "RWC1000K Real World Certifier Byte Brothers Triplett BRAND NEW" is in sale since Friday, April 24, 2020.

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RWC1000K Real World Certifier Byte Brothers Triplett BRAND NEW